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Granada Hills Home Seller Tips

Recently, selling a home has been marked among the risky businesses to involve yourself in. Why is this so? This is because a huge lot of home sellers are doing it themselves than hire a realtor or real estate to help them. Once they run the sale alone, they are prone to manipulation by various property professionals. To avoid this, especially when selling a home in Granada Hills, always hire a realtor.

Quick peak of a top realtor

Who is Harry Sargsyan? Many have had a personal encounter with him at Century 21 Peak though some do not know him. In a nutshell, he is a top realtor with operations in Los Angeles County but not limited to its boundaries. Being an insured and licensed realtor, you are assured of a customer-based service with topnotch honesty. Lastly, he is among the National Association of Realtors.

Having secured such a realtor, you are ready to sell your home. However, there are some Granada Hills home seller tips to keep in mind. They are explained below.

  • Hire a competitive agent

Which comes first – hiring a competitive agent or estimating net profits from your home sale? To many, the latter comes first but in real sense, the first should be considered top. A competitive agent will take you through the entire home sale beforehand. These include receiving payment via escrow or other mode of payment once the transaction is done. What does your net profits depend on? It depends on the following:

  1. Price of home sale
  2. Closing costs
  3. Existing amount of mortgage
  4. Related real estate commissions

A good realtor will hold your property without making a random sale. Is this encouraged? Yes, since you get to know market conditions, home prices and government take on real estate before making your sale.

  • Remember that first impression lasts

Do you know that you can influence your buyer’s decision with a single look? Yes, but you have to be informed on how to do it. While a buyer has an opinion concerning your listing, they are blank during an open house. What can you do then? Below are some of the tips to make a good impression:

  • Clean and arrange your front entry – Ensure that your entry is sparkling clean and neat.
  • De-clutter counters and free your rooms and walls – Ensure that there is no unnecessary furniture in your rooms. Still, take your family photos and pictures from the wall to let them see the spaciousness and elegance of your home.
  • Thin out your cabinets and closets – Once they are free, a potential buyer gets a chance to imagine putting things in them. Such emptiness gives your cabinets a sense of space.
  • Talk of a working loan program when marketing

Can you recall your initial hunt for a potential lender? Guess it was hectic finding a lender to loan you cash to purchase your home. What if you explain and link your potential buyer to a lender? Sounds good? In your marketing material, mention about loan programs. This motivates buyers. Which lender will you link them with? This is tricky but you can consult your personal lender. Ask them to provide you with information on different loan programs.

With the three Granada Hills home seller tips, you are ready to enjoy the profit of your sale. However, there are quick tips to boost your sale. Have a quick look at them.

  • Take your home often from the property market – How will this be beneficial? Your potential buyers will see your home among the latest listing each time you post it again in Granada MLS.
  • Have a home inspection done – When was the last time you did a pest inspection? Do not expose such faults to your buyer. Have different inspections done before listing your home.
  • Market in social media platforms – Have you tried advertising your property in Facebook Market? You can reach so many local Granada Hills potential buyers within a small time frame.

Why stress yourself while there are such Granada Hills home seller tips? Do not ignore them since they can make a difference in your home sale.