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For Sellers

A section of homeowners is opting to try one of the many for sale by Owner (FSBO) services. As tempting as it seems to save lots of on the significant commission costs several realtors demand, it may well actually end up far more high-priced than a real estate agent’s commission. You will find there’s a definite art to marketing and advertising a home properly, and here is one reason why it is a good idea for sellers to make use of realtors:

Negotiating Is Risky Business

If you opt to fly solo and list without a real estate agent, there are a set of people you ought to be prepared to negotiate with:

– A buyer seeking the best offer possible

– Realtors who represent the best interest of these buyers

– In a few places, a buyer’s lawyer

– A real estate inspection company. These businesses are hired by the customer and typically find trouble spots inside your home.

– An appraiser

– In case of a short sale, your bank


  • When you are planning to sell your home, be aware of the climate of the market. If your home has been on the market for a long time with little interest, odds are your asking price is too much. Remember, what evaluation says your home is worth is worthless if no buyer will pay that price.
  • If you’re preparing your property to sell, don’t store your furniture and packing cartons in the garage. All buyers want to see the garage and clutter, which will make the space seem to be considerably smaller. Instead, is better to rent a storage space for a few months. This will also ensure that your personal properties are secure.
  • If you’re selling your home and a potential buyer gives you a price that is ridiculously below the price tag do not bother to provide them a counteroffer. You should politely provide them with an invitation to post another offer since the former one was insulting.
  • Having your own home on the market for an extended time can leave you feeling discouraged. Staging your house for every showing is a terrific way to make your property seem extra inviting to prospective buyers. Placing contemporary flowers on the kitchen table, and pulling back every one of the curtains to enable the sunshine in, can really make a house appear warm and inviting.

Making your home more attractive to buyers is a critical part of getting your home sold. Contact your seller’s agent Harry Sargsyan today at 818-968-2681 to help you stage and market your home effectively!