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About Real Estate Agent Harry Sargsyan

Harry Sargsyan is a Real Estate agent in San Fernando Valley. He works for JohnHart Real Estate. His expertise in real-estate deals is worth the provisions necessary to get a satisfying home sale or purchase. He offers consultation services at little or no cost and always available for online interviews or an office visit. If you are interested, visit for more details on how to access Harry Sargsyan’s services.

Harry Sargsyan offer Services that include:

  1. The market for real estate residential – When it comes to buyers, the market is made known to them by the provision of vast knowledge and expertise on it, which in turn helps to streamline the process of home buying without any complications. When it comes to sellers, their knowledge on favourable business attracting prices is expanded and the selling process is navigated according to the seller’s interest.
  2. Marketing of new home and land – There a few real estate developments in Granada Hills. A proper real estate agent will be in a position to market these developments by working with landowners and home builders.
  3. Foreclosure and short sale – Both the buyer and the seller are provided with advice and ease of communication with lenders. This helps sellers qualify for short sale quickly using a real estate service and buyers to be able to identify short sale properties easily and buy them without any complications.
  4. The brokerage of insurance – Real estate agents work with good reputable insurance companies to help you get the coverage that specifically taps into your needs as an individual.
  5. Mortgage services – Well recommended Mortgage lenders tend to provide competitive rates for home purchase, property investment and second homes.
  6. Movement services – When it comes to relocations from different parts of the country, it is easy to get details on demographics, real estate listings and more within the locality. Their information is provided for you.
  7. Luxury property services – Service transactions involving luxury properties are provided to buyers and sellers. They are aimed at luring potential buyers to Granada Hills to purchase properties. They include – private properties, historical residence, waterfront estates and more. Also taps into the international market.