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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer Advice – Worth Knowing

First Time home buyer advice in Granada Hills by Harry Sargsyan

If you asked anyone in Granada Hills what they wish to do, you will be surprised. More than 70% of them will speak of being homeowners. Is owning a property such a coveted experience? Yes. However, few of them will mute when it comes to explaining the process of buying property.

Is it a complicated process? Not that much. Below is a guide packed with first time buyer advice for you.

Involve a professional real estate agent or realtor

Isn’t home buying a do-it-yourself thing? No. Unlike easier tasks, property purchase is complicated. You need an experienced professional to take you through property evaluation. What does property evaluation entail? Ok. Listed below are some of the issues addressed during evaluation

  • Pest inspection
  • Dry rot checks
  • Assessment of structure
  • Checking roofing conditions
  • Drainage system inspection including septic and well checks

First Time Home Buyer – Understand different financial options

When it comes to checking out top first time buyer advice, there is little of dos and don’ts. However, you need to understand the basics such as financing. Have you identified any qualified lender in Sherman Oaks? Do you have a professional willing to take you through the closing process? Be careful when handling financing issues.

Outline the factors influencing the negotiation process

Are you doing the negotiation yourself? Guess you are pitching yourself against exploitative professionals. Hire a professional realtor or real estate agent. Such a professional understands top factors such as:

  • Price range – Have you set a price range for the property you intend to buy?
  • Financing – Are you independent or intending to apply for a home loan?
  • Terms – How long will you take to complete the purchase?

With the above first time buyer advice, you are set to realize your dreams of being a homeowner soon, but the same time you need to know about mortgages.Here is The Ultimate Guide to Understand Mortgages