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Granada Hills Home Buyer Tips

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Unlike buying a vacuum cleaner, purchasing a home involves a lot than more specifications and pricing. Still, how you purchase property varies from one place to another. How then does a first-time buyer manage to buy a home? Easy. They often involve a qualified realtor with experience in operating in Granada Hills property market. Such professionals include Harry Sargsyan who runs his realty business in Century 21 Peak.

Quick tidbits on Harry Sargsyan as Granada Hills Home Buyer Agent

He is a real estate agent and realtor running operations in Los Angeles County. However, his scope is narrowed to Granada Hills among other localities. Why should you hire him? He is part of the National Association of Realtors and being an insured and licensed realtor, you are assured of quality realtor services. Once you have such a professional realtor at your side, you are set to go through your home buying quite easily.

However, there are top Granada Hills home buyer tips you should know. They are as listed below:

  • Review and crosscheck your credit report

What credit score has your lender asked for? Many of them have 650 as their minimum score to qualify in applying for a home loan. What if your credit report is not good? You can repair and clean it up. First, ensure there is no mistake or inaccuracies. Second, settle all your debts or reduce them drastically. Lastly, if you cannot repair it completely, be prepared to cash out a little more of your down payment.

  • Have your parameters defined

Buying a home is not a hundred meter dash but a long process. You need to have a list of prioritized features especially when doing a property search. Below are steps that help you define your parameters:

  1. Are you after quality or affordability? – Do not narrow your search by price but also quality.
  2. Which type of home do you want? – Choose between a town-home, single or multi family home, condo among other types.
  3. Do you have a wish list? – Granada Hills has many homes. You need to specify the exact neighborhood, amenities and locality in your wish list.
  • Specify your geography

This is a prime Granada Hills Home buyer tip for international buyers. There are two ways to specify your geography. First, you can dig out different neighborhoods as you note available amenities on paper. Second, you can visit a realtor and check localities against amenities present from MLS.

  • Check if you can afford a home

Are you prepared for upfront costs? OK, have a look at different upfront costs then check if you can afford them. They include down payment, commissions and closing costs. How will you check their affordability? You can do this using a mortgage calculator or by the help of a practicing realtor.

  • Organize yourself

When was the last time you asked for a bank statement? Actually, when did you last assess your financial state? Guess it is not recently. To organize yourself for a home buying process, you need to have every bit in check. Be it financially or information concerning home buying.

Many are the times people consider home buying as another simple thing. Yes, of course it is simple. Have you checked it from an investor point of view? Guess not. To sugarcoat the above Granada Hills Home buyer tips, below is quick information concerning home buying.

It is a mammoth financial responsibility – Do you anticipate for other related costs? No. You are wired for the purchase costs only. Below are related costs that may chill your progress if not anticipated for:

–           Mortgage payment

–           Maintenance costs

–           Repair and renovation

–           Home insurance

–           Property taxes

Home buying is an investment – Do you know how hard it is to sell a home once you have purchased but does not suit your needs? It is hard so avoid making this investment risky.

Always be precise when searching a home. If you are not sure of what you want, consult a realtor and engage them in your buying. With such Granada Hills Home buyer tips, you are set to be among other homeowners in Granada Hills.Please visit to Our Granada Hills Home Finder Page to complete the form.

Be wise and your home buying process will be easy.