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Are you looking for information about Northridge, CA before you making a decision to hire Real Estate agent Northridge CA?

Named Zelzah originally, Northridge has been the home of notable people, and it has noteworthy attractions and sights. Residents get access to a municipal recreation center and a public pool.


Northridge has a history that could be traced back to the 1700’s. A drinking water source at the intersection of Parthenia St. and Reseda Blvd.  served as the watering gap and gathering place for the Gabrielino Indians. Later the Spanish who set up Missions in the region. The area, fed by underground channels, was very fertile and soon a development christened “Zelzah,” a Biblical name for oasis, eminent. This was the only Valley station on the Southern Pacific Railroad line. In 1938, this vibrant community was called Northridge.

Through the 1930’s and 40’s, it became a haven for a few of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Northridge was also alluded to as one of “the 100 most beautiful acres in the Valley.” Many personalities from the stage, screen and radio built residences and ranches in Northridge.

In the mid 60’s, the emergence and expansion on the Porter Ranch Estates spurred business activity.

The area turned into the home of many key industrial companies. The early 70’s gave rise to retail profits when the largest shopping center from the Valley opened in 1971, Northridge Fashion Center. California State University, Northridge, established in the late 50’s became a major university and now has become one of the Valley’s greatest employers.


  1. California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

CSUN got its origins as a college on Nordhoff Road and Etiwanda Avenue and officially opened up in 1956 as “San Fernando Valley Campus of Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences.” Two years later, it segregated and became “San Fernando Valley State College or university.”

By the early seventies, however, this institution became known as “California state university, Northridge.”

By the end of 2006, CSUN had reached enrollment surpassing 34,500 students.

  1. Northridge Hospital Medical Center

Northridge Healthcare Centre is made of a 411-mattress healthcare facility and serves two million citizens of the Valley.

The hospital is among only two facilities within the Valley certified as a trauma center for treating life-threatening injuries.

  1. The Northridge Shopping mall

Yet another of the numerous malls that the Valley is well known for.

The Northridge shopping mall is obviously one of the better ones and gets the crowds and teens to show for this. They have everything you could ask of a shopping mall including a great theatre.

  1. Options to hire real estate agent Northridge CA

The homes around Northridge range from solidly middle-class to fairly upscale, the farther you move towards the northern hills. Home prices tend to be high, but there are several very resplendent homes here. The neighborhoods could also vary in character in different parts of Northridge as well.

Many are on wide streets like Tampa Blvd., and have a definite 70’s feels to them, albeit they tend to be bigger since this was a fairly popular place to live back then.

Other neighborhoods in Northridge are packed with newer apartments and condos. Northridge also has a very puerile feel to it with a commix of college students and young working couples, so you will definitely find many restaurants and chain stores that cater to the young here.

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